44″ Gold Candelabra




This 50 inch Gold Candelabra can make the perfect elegant piece with the optional Crystal Votive Arms. Glass globes can be added to this candelabra for added class. The glisten of the gold will attract the eyes of your guests to you’re incredible wedding designs. These candelabras can be placed on tabletops or around your event to add extra flare and overall beauty to the venue. Guests will be blown away by the size and tastefulness of these incredible candelabra rentals. Brides and grooms love the posh of the 4 armed candelabras.. The chic design of the candelabra will enhance the ornamentation of any wedding design at your event.

Our decorations can be rented for any event including weddings, anniversary parties, to any elegant gathering. All guests will love the beauty and elegance of each of the pieces. Candelabras, Candlesticks, Crystal Cylinders, Manzanita Trees, Crystal Trees and other centerpieces will be available for rent for your convenience. Chandeliers, Cake Stands, Cupcake Stands, Chocolate Fountains, Dance Floors and More! Our mission is to make your wedding or other occasion as special and easy as possible. Rental Decorations will save you a great deal of money compared to purchasing decorations. Our Tent, Table, and Chair rentals will allow your guests to be seated properly and comfortably at your event. Delivery from our company saves time and hassle from your event planning and preparation. Give us a call today at 937-885-5454 to book your special event TODAY!