Bounce House Rental 16×20 Extreme Moonwalk


This is the largest inflatable bounce house available for rent in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Ohio area! The Bounce House Rental 16×20 Extreme Moonwalk is perfect for large events, for all age groups. It works for small children, kids, teenagers (teens), and adults! This jumpy is the bounce house with the most possibilities! For starters, it’s 16×20 bouncing area is enormous! That is 5 feet bigger than our medium bounce house on all sides. This makes the 20×20 Moonwalks an excellent option for so many occasions. Birthday Parties – Works well for older kids, including college ages, so that many kids can be jumping on the jumper at once! And if the kids are younger, the number of people bouncing around can be even higher! After Proms– Since the inflatable jumping area is enormous, high school students can freely bounce around inside the 16×20 Moonwalk. School Events – For every age group, you can safely allow large numbers of jumping participants all the time on the inflatable surface. Festivals – People enjoying the festival will see the leviathan bounce house in Cincinnati and Dayton, immediately wonder if they can enjoy the jump house festivities, and the answer will always be that they can! This makes the 20×20 Extreme Moonwalk valuable for fundraisers, since so many people would be able to purchase a ticket to allow them to bounce! This is the biggest bounce house A&S Play Zone has to offer.

Check out the Bounce House Rental 16×20 Extreme Moonwalk in our Informational Video


Inflatable Bounce House Rental 16×20 Extreme Moonwalk

Two (2) 20 amp Outlets

L: 20ft
W: 20ft
H: 15ft