Bumper Car Rentals


A & S Play Zone Entertainment Superstore will bring a Bumper Car Rental to your next event. The bumping, crashing and bashing provides your guests with a fun and exciting activity no matter what the occasion. The Bumper Car rental includes four bumper cars and an inflatable arena for the cars to crash around in. This arena is double walled, with an inner and outer wall. Allowing the cars to bounce of the walls within the arena, and guests to watch safely from outside the arena. The cars are equipped with flashing lights and speakers playing carnival bumper car music to give your event a professional feel. The Bumper Cars and arena must be placed on a hard flat surface. Keep in mind; the bumper cars don’t have brakes. You only come to a stop when you hit the fellow Bumper Car drivers! As the largest Entertainment store in Ohio, we give you the A & S Promise to make your event as fun and memorable as possible.


With all the great items that we have to offer, what are you waiting on? Call one of our Event Planning Specialists and they will be more than happy to assist you in planning your next party! For our Bumper Car rental or more information call: (937) 885-5454 today! Remember, at A & S Play Zone: We Bring Out the Fun in Everyone! For more ideas check out our YouTube Videos Here.

One (1) 20 amp Outlets

L: 35ft
W: 35ft
H: 11ft