Derby Horse Big Wheel Rental


We have many different types and they go by many names. Big wheel rental, Big 6 Wheel rental, Prize wheel rental and even Derby wheel rental. At A and S Play Zone we have a Derby Wheel which has horses. The attendant spins the wheel to see which of the eight horses will win the race. We have a big wheel rental with money on it and numbers from 1 to 20. It is called a big 6 wheel because there are six different payouts on the wheel. The winning numbers on the wheel are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and Joker. Contestants place their bets on which one they think will come up on the next spin. This is a great add-on for any casino party because it is an easy game to play. Unlike poker games or craps games, there are not many rules. Just plunk down your money on the one you think will hit! The attendant will give it a spin to see if you win.


We also have blank wheels. These wheels can be written on with dry erase markers to make them customizable. These wheels are great for trade show rentals, Promotional ideas and for give aways. What ever your need is for a big wheel rental, we have them all.