Dunk Tank Rentals Ohio 500 Gallon


Dunk Tank Rentals In Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio are great when the temperature outside is blazing hot. Imagine dropping into a cool pool of water and how it is the most refreshing feeling in the world. This is what makes a dunk tank rental such a great choice during the summer months. The most popular uses of a dunk tank, other than just to cool off, is at charity fundraisers, company events, and school carnivals. Charity fundraisers always raise a great amount of money with A&S Play Zone’s dunk tank rentals, charging people money to dunk a figure or a friend. At corporate picnics, the dunk the boss scenario is by far the most popular. Although it may not be the most punishing idea of a hot day, it’s still the whole thought of the matter. Renting a dunk tank for a party or school event is always fun, because students love the chance to dunk a teacher or supervisor, or at a party, such as a graduation party, dunking friends and parents is endless fun! This dunk tank rental takes around an hour to fill, so when you decided to rent this for your next party, make sure you have a water source to fill it with. We offer two different size Dunk Tanks here including the 350 gallon and the 500 gallon. The 350 gallon Dunk Tank is a deliverable item.


Dunk tank rentals and dunk booth rentals for your event in Ohio, give your guests something to remember!  We have 500 and 350 Gallon dunk tank rentals.

As a kid, I have so many fun memories of dunk tank rentals, especially when I got to dunk someone I knew.  Give the gift of memories to your guests, dunk a friend.

If you want to rent a dunk tank that you can pick up yourself, then why not look at the 500 gallon dunk tank for your party!This is one of our most popular party rental items so book now. Call 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110 today and an event specialists will help you with your party planning. Check out this video of the World’s Longest Dunk Tank Throw. Maybe you can beat it!

Water Source

L: 8ft
W: 8ft
H: ft

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