Hot Dog Roller


Want to taste a hot dog that's just like the ones at the Ballparks? Use our hot dog roller rental at your next event! A hot dog roller grill rental seals in the juices allowing the dogs baste in their own juices. Even better than a ballpark dog where it is wrapped in a package for a while, and you don't have to risk burning the hot dogs and disappointing your guests. This hot dog roller rental works for so many events, and is very affordable. Church Festivals love to have a hot dog roller on hand to make sure they can provide all their guests with delivious food for all to enjoy! School field days also bring this concession machine rental out all the time to give students a quick fun meal during the festivities.



Even a casual graduation party or just a family picnic could use this hot dog roller rental in a park since it is so portable and inexpensive. Lastly, company picnics rent this hot dog roller regularly to feed the large number of people that attend their event. Other times though, they love to use our catering to ensure that everyone has food and a great time!

One (1) 20 amp Outlets.