Jousting Arena 2 Person Inflatable


The Pedestal Interactive Inflatable Jousting Arena Game offers plenty of straight-up jousting at your next Dayton event. Our inflatable jousting unit is actually TWO 2 person jousting units in one! One big plus with renting an inflatable game like this are that secure safety walls and padded protect participants from any possible injury. Players can challenge each other as they each climb up onto their own pedestal, using oversized inflatable joust poles to try and knock one another to the game floor. Does this sound like something you want at your next big event? Perhaps you have a corporate or business picnic, where everyone gets a chance to battle the boss one on one. Maybe you have to have a bracket style competition to see who can be king of the joust, and earn office bragging rights for the coming months. This blowup Inflatable Joust can also bring excitement to Cincinnati school events, where kids love any opportunity to let their wild side out, and with the safe environment that the inflatable arena provides, administrators can be assured that their students can have all the fun they want, without risking possible injury. If you are hosting an even larger festival or event, A&S Play Zone offers a 4 Person Joust, with four pedestals.


There are a number of similar items to the jousts, including our Defender Dome,Boulder Dash, and Demolition Ball, where each game combines a level of competition with multiple participants. If this sounds like something you want at your next Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus event, make sure to speak with a member of A&S Play Zone’s friendly office staff today!

One (1) 20 amp Outlets.

L: 20ft
W: 20ft
H: 4ft