Karaoke Rental


Karaoke Rental is a fun way to add excitement and interaction at your next special event. Karaoke rental machines have come a long long way. Just as old Juke Boxes played actual records, then CDs and finally now all digital, so too is our newest entertainment item. Old Karaoke machines would come with a stack of outdated CDs that may contain a song or two that people would want to sing. Then you would have to listen to the same old songs over and over as most people would choose the same songs because of a lack of choice. Usually you would have a couple of genres to choose from. Well that seems really out dated in the world we live in today! With AS Party Rentals new Karaoke rental machines, you get a fully digital system with over 30,000 songs representing all genres!

The system includes two wireless microphones for the performers. As individuals or groups come up to the machine they use a touch screen to search for the song they want to sing. Once the song is chosen the song begins to play on the high tech sound system. The upper screen will then provide the lyrics to sing along with. So come on. Get up a sing a song or two!

Karaoke rentals are great for weddings, bachelorette parties, after proms, holiday parties, company picnics, graduation parties and just about anywhere that you want to sing. We also rent photo booths and dance heads video booths too.