Rock Climbing Wall Rental


A & S Play Zone has one of the largest portable Rock Climbing Wall rentals in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. This towable Rockwall can be placed on any flat area outside. The wall itself is over 20 feet high and is guaranteed to be a hit at your next party or event. The rental offers your party three different levels of difficulty, easy, moderate, and expert. This gives guests of all ages and expertise a chance to challenge themselves and race to ring the siren at the top of the wall.

Check out our Rock Wall in Action on our Youtube page or below!


The Rock Climbing Wall rental is perfect at any type of Festival, College Event, Company Picnic, or any type of birthday or graduation party. A portable Rock Climbing Wall always attracts a large crowd and provides your guests with hours of fun no matter what the event. Consider the last time you went to a party with a Rockwall. We bet that people of all ages were lining up to take their turn climbing the wall.

As the largest Entertainment store in Ohio, we give you the A & S Promise to make your event as fun and memorable as possible. With all the great items that we have to offer, what are you waiting on? Call one of our Event Planning Specialists today and they will be more than happy to assist you in planning your next party!

Remember, at A & S Play Zone: We Bring Out the Fun in Everyone!

L: 25ft
W: 8ft
H: 22ft