Water Tag


If you think paintless paintball is great, then think of how great Water Tag will be for hot days! Using the inflatable barriers that a paintball arena would use, participants are instead given water guns to use! Think of how perfect this rental would be for your Cincinnati party! What could be a better way to have a field day for a Dayton school as well, since the setup works with all ages of people! The younger children can be armed with smaller water pistols, while the older participants could use larger soakers, with continuous spray. There are different packages for this water tag blowup arena, which the staff at A&S can help guide you through the selection process. Church groups in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio have also loved renting this, along with the paintless paintball, because it can be used for both wet and dry competitions, and can get a large number of kids active!


Many more barriers can be brought out so that more people can be involved! There are many versions of how to play water tag, so we encourage you to make up your own fun way! The third item in our water/paintball gun series is the UFO Alien Tag Arena!

L: 100ft
W: 60ft