Roaring River Slip N Slide


The Roaring River Slip N SLide takes Slip N Slides to the next level! With 31 feet of dual lane fun, our waterslide party rentals are sure to make your party one to remember! Whether it is a birthday party, graduation party, or just a summer fun festival, a Slip and Slide rental can give your party the boost to be the hit of the summer! The 31 Foot Slip N Slide actually doubles as the second half of our 22 Foot Roaring River Dual Lane Slide. The water is dispersed along the dual lanes of the slipnslide via a soaker hose that hangs from the top of the arches that run the length of the track. Although the slip and slide YouTube video shows a kid spraying water onto the other guy sliding, this is only optional, if you really want to soak your buddies! A great benefit of having a dual lane slide is that participants can race to the end of the slide, which really plays to the competitive edge of people. Also, people have often asked whether kids who slide too quickly go flying off the back of this blowup slip slide. This has never, happened, and never will, because there is an inflatable barrier to make sure all fast moving participants come to a safe stop!


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One 20 amp