Surf the Wave


A&S Play zone is gearing up for summer with the addition of this fantastic Slip N' Slide, the Inflatable Surf the Wave. This item brings the fun of the beach to you! The heat is moving in and the Slip N' Slides are moving out, so call now to reserve yours! With the recent summers feeling hotter and hotter, we all have to find a way to stay cool. Luckily, A&S Play Zone Inflatable rental offers a number of options to keep you having fun and staying cool. Surf the Wave is a dual lane slip and slide, so it gives even more opportunity for fun.


Everyone loves our Surf the Wave inflatable rental!

Are you getting ready for summer?  If you are having an outdoor event in Dayton or Cincinnati area, consider the Surf the wave inflatable rental, it is so much fun!

This item is like bringing the beach right to you and your guests.  It is essentially a dual lane slip and slide, which means double the fun!  People can have races to see who gets through the slip and slide first, and at larger events, you can move even more people through the splash zone, so even more people get to enjoy the excitement of this inflatable!

Here is what you need to know about the Surf the wave inflatable slip and slide:

One (1) 20 amp

L: 30ft
W: 10ft
H: 8ft

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