Zorb Ball Track Obstacle Course Rental


Zorb Ball Track Obstacle Course Rental The Zorb Ball Track Obstacle C0urse Rental makes the most out of your Zorb ball experience. Hop in your personal hamster ball and race your opponent down the track, through the middle and over the obstacles or just try to beat your own time. Speed bumps and various obstacles will make your adventure even more exciting. This is a great rental item for any after prom, carnival, graduation party, company picnic or college event. One of the great thinks about the zorb ball track obstacle course rental is that the sides are only 2 feet high, high enough to keep the human hamster balls in, and great to see over to watch all the action! And you will see action, at 90' in length it is a long way to the end.


Participants both have their own side of the track to get through, but watch out for the middle! The track gets skinnier here so you have to out smart your challenger to make it through first. The zorb ball track obstacle course rental will provide guests with hours of entertainment. Young and old alike will have the time of their life racing through the course.

Looking for a smaller course, consider our criss cross collision course! This course is similar but it is only 75′ and does not have the obstacles.