Demolition Ball


Demolition Ball is A&S Play Zone’s newest Inflatable Rental Game for use in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Ohio areas, and in Indiana and Kentucky. The Inflatable Demolition Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s extreme! It’s the Ultimate high energy blowup game for rent. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the “Demolition Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the inflatable “Demolition Ball” swings back, try and grab it! The player who grabs it hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off the blowup pedestal. The last player standing is the champion. The idea is similar to a king of the hill rental game, making it valuable at Dayton company events and Cincinnati after proms, where energy is high as well as the competition. A frequent question regarding renting the inflatable Demolition Ball is whether it is safe. Here is the safety breakdown. The blowup ball that swings back and forth is not hard, even when it knocks someone off of their pedestal. When a participant falls off of their pedestal they are protected on the sides by two bouncy inflatable pillars, and the front and back fall zones are padded.


An item that has a similar concept to the Demolition Ball is the Inflatable Boulder Dash. Check out our Inflatable Party Rental Items today!

Two (2) 20 amp Outlets

L: 29ft
W: 29ft
H: 15’ft