Paintless Paintball


Paintless Paintball is the best paintball action option if you are not near a paintball facility in the Dayton and Cincinnati area, or if you just want to bring the fun to your own area! These blowup barriers can be used either outside, in an open field, or inside, in a gymnasium. The setup A&S provides features at most seventeen barriers that can cover up to a hundred foot area by sixty feet. A&S Play Zone has many different packages that include different numbers of barriers along with a different number of guns. We can individually package together specific setups that people want too! The guns that are used in this game are shaped like a golf ball, but have a squishy feel. Although the rentals do come with protective gear that covers the face and head, even if someone is hit in the face at point blank range, the pain is momentary. Trust me, I have experience this first hand. Since we do use CO2 cans to power the guns, they do pack a pop, so accurate aiming is possible.


We also use these guns on our inflatable shooting gallery and UFO paintball arena! The paintless paintball has been used frequently at Cincinnati and Dayton after prom events.